2014 News

Veteran of the Game, Busta Rhymes, and upcoming Atlanta rapper Young Thug were in the building during BET Awards Weekend.


Actor/Artist Leon Thomas III from the Television Series “Victorious” was in ZAC B with Producer Rio tracking vocals. Josh Harbin engineered the session.


Island Records Artist and newcomer to ZAC, Christina Grimmie and Producer Erlof Loelv were in Stonehenge tracking for an upcoming project. Christina finished in third place on the Season 6 of “The Voice”. ZAC Engineer Cody Sciara assisted.

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Rapper/Songwriter/Producer Extraordinaire B.O.B was in Stonehenge for several days tracking new material with Engineer Joe Fitz (Asst Engineers: Cody Sciara, Shaan Singh). Several others in the his camp also stopped through.

bob kehlani prich bob b.o.b.Group.FIX

As pictured L-R: B.O.B and Artist Kehlani; Keyboardist P-Rich and B.O.B; B.O.B, Kehlani, Mike Fresh, Joe Fitz and P-Rich

Super Producer, Aaron Lindsey, was in Stonehenge tracking for his upcoming Christmas project. Engineer Danny Duncan who’s worked with everyone from CeCe Winans to Marvin Sapp was back in Stonehenge for the second time this year. ZAC engineer Cody Sciara assisted.

AaronLindsey photo4 photo5

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League producing Sound Tribe Sector 9

all in!

all in!

In between their touring festival dates, STS9 loaded in to Stonehenge to record live drum tracks for several songs already in production with Barto, Rook and Colione of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.  Everybody was having such a good time, they all jumped in and cut a song with the entire band live.  Great days !

Thanks y’all

Play back!!Playin' back these drum tracks! new jam creation in the Neve Room

Danielle Colby-Cushman from the History Channel’s “American Pickers” was in Neve for a voiceover session with Engineer Cody Sciara.


City Mouse was in Stonehenge tracking for a new project.

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SESAC was in Stonehenge for their monthly Writer’s Critique event hosted by Peniece Le Gall (Atlanta SESAC Director) and Marc Rose (ZAC). Industry veterans Greg Curtis, Richard Dunn and Bram lent their ears to upcoming SESAC Affiliates.


Back row: Khalia Roberts-Harris and Greg Curtis
Middle row from L to R: Richard Dunn, Shonica Crocker, Kissie Lee, Majee Dupree, Peniece Le Gall, Milk, Bram
Front row: Young Marco and Sizz