Ricky Keller Tribute



Atlanta – July 3rd, 2003

Members oKeller_full_swing_Zambif Atlanta’s music community, loosely known as ASAP, gathered to honor the passing of a dear friend and musical virtuoso, Ricky Keller. The event, hosted by Atlanta Pro Audio, established a local organization to donate to what will become a trust fund for his daughter, Grey, who will need medical care throughout her life. ASAP captain, Bill Quinn, sent a message out that says it all – “Ricky Keller gave so much to the Atlanta music and recording community. He gave advice, lent equipment, created fabulous music, found the musician you couldn’t find, gave away studio time, did everyone favors, and asked for so little for himself. We should give something back in his memory that will benefit someone he loved more than anyone in the world.”

So far, the ASAP family has accepted over $5,000.00 in pledges and equipment, earmarked for Grey.

So please- make a pledge for Ricky now, it’s why he worked so hard and you know he would have done it for you!

Ricky drives Zambiland Orchestra

Make the pledge!

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